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· Hamburg

Neighborhood Development in Büchen: Successful Communication, from Property Sale to Key Handover

We welcome the new client: the Sparkasse, with its project development department, LSI. We were able to move literally large stones - the neighborhood development in Büchen, thanks to targeted and very strategic communication, even in times when other development-companies prefer to wait, has sold all of the units! Only those who know their target group exactly know who and where they are.

· Hamburg

New branding for investment company PRIO

Our real estate unit brandESTATES has developed a new branding for the investment company PRIO, which gives the company a new radiance. The strategic realignment, naming, logo and new website help PRIO to position itself in a modern and future-oriented way. The branding aptly and appealingly reflects the core values and goals of the investment company. We are proud to support PRIO in this process.

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS CEO Felix Hilt becomes lecturer at Fresenius University

Felix Hilt, CEO & owner of brandFAMILY, consisting of brandBANDITS, brandLOVERS & brand ESTATES, has joined the Fresenius University (Faculty of Business & Media) in Hamburg as a private lecturer. Felix teaches real estate communication and passes on his extensive knowledge to students. As a specialist in strategic brand management and cross-media communication, Felix is a valuable addition to the teaching team at Fresenius University.

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS and Reset St. Pauli create a unique annual calendar

brandLOVERS and Reset St. Pauli have joined forces to develop a unique annual calendar for 2023, entitled "Macht der Farben" (“The Power of Colors”). The focus was on the importance of colors, which were assigned to the different months of the year through a survey. The results were integrated into the calendar and show colors in a new light. The collaboration between brandLOVERS and Reset St. Pauli has led to an impressive result and provides an inspiring look at the world of colors.

· Hamburg

brandESTATES goes Podcast

Our real estate unit brandESTATES recently launched its own real estate podcast "MAKE IT REAL" with the hosts Alexander Schmid, founder of Real-Estate Lounge, and Felix Hilt, founder of brandESTATES. The podcast showcases and discusses extraordinary real estate projects that have a major impact on life in our cities. "MAKE IT REAL" is ideal for anyone who is passionate about real estate and wants to learn more about the latest developments and ideas in the industry. Check out our podcast: https://makeitreal.podigee.io

· Hamburg

brandESTATES convinces again at IBA Quartiersentwicklung

We developed a campaign to generate building communities for IBA Hamburg with great success. More than 80 assemblies thus found a new home or are currently building one. Now the team of brandESTATES - our unit for real estate marketing - prevailed again in a multi-stage pitch and convinced with concept and design for the neighborhood development of Fischbeker Reethen. Project developers and property seekers are the target group, as well as the future residents of the 70-hectare area. Welcome again IBA. Welcome property seekers.

· Hamburg

Modern, comfortable and natural: Customized concept for the real estate project HIDE Alsterdorf

brandLOVERS has taken over the cross-media communication for the real estate project HIDE Alsterdorf. The property by I+D Immobilien appeals to the prominent Hanseatic with its concept: urban and permissive - with a view of nature, yet hidden and very private. The cross-media communication included the naming, logo development, branding, on-site communication, a construction fence banner and a construction sign as well as the construction description and an exclusive exposé.

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS becomes go-digital partner: support for the digitization of companies

Digitization made easy: brandLOVERS is a certified go-digital partner. As a go-digital partner, we help companies digitize and offer government-funded support for small and medium-sized enterprises. With an experienced team of experts and a wide range of digital solutions, we offer tailored advice and support.

· Hamburg

Presentation at the Real Estate Lounge

Experts from the real estate scene gather at the Real Estate Lounge: Not only is there an exchange of knowledge on the subject of real estate, but also presentations are held. In his presentation, Felix Hilt, owner of brandFAMILY, gave insights into the do's and don'ts of storytelling using real examples - explaining why storytelling is still THE decisive tool in marketing products in general and real estate in particular. And so, storytelling must be learned: Outstanding storytelling still makes a big difference in adding value to equivalent products and services.

· Hamburg, Sydney


brandLOVERS develops a campaign for First Nations Foundation (FNF), a foundation for Indigenous Australians, featuring seven popular Australian senators. The politicians are providing their profile pictures on social media to draw attention to grievances in the country. brandLOVERS creates an unprecedented fundraising campaign for FNF.

· Hamburg

#SCHMAGGES: Mario Basler's Best Currywurst

brandBANDITS - the social media unit of brandLOVERS - developed another influencer concept around Mario Basler, former professional soccer player and coach. With "Schmagges", Mario Basler's unique curry sausage spice mix, eight wide-reaching influencers from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok created their own personal dish. From BBQ to vegan, fitness, and family kitchens, every type of cuisine was represented. With #Schmagges, not only does everything tastes better, but the curry sausage spice mix also finds its place in every kitchen.

· Hamburg

WINNER Agency of the Year 2020!

We are thrilled to have won 'Agency of the Year' and 'Brand Communication - Social Media' in two categories at the German Brand Award 2020. We are over the moon! As soon as we are allowed to, we will celebrate in a big way!


· Hamburg, Wismar, Berlin, Wien, Sydney


Unfortunately, the corona virus is currently causing mischief and is increasingly restricting us in everyday life. But we don't let it get us down. As usual, we are there for you from our offices in Hamburg, Wismar, Berlin, Vienna and Sydney as well as from numerous home offices. As a precautionary measure we will no longer have personal meetings in the near future. You can easily reach us by phone or email though. Let us continue to work together on exciting projects and defy the virus. Stay healthy!


· Hamburg


Purple, lilac, pink, blue and a little bit of white – the fresh, new look of Billwerder-Moorfleet S-Bahn station will put you in a good mood. No wonder with all of those full-surface collages and illustrations all around the station offering so much to discover. Each picture relates to an exciting story about Hamburg and its surroundings, which appears on the website of the S-Bahn magazine. Additionaly there are before-and-after pictures displayed on social media. So, let’s go to Billwerder-Moorfleet – who will spot the UFO?

brandLOVERS bauen Büro in Wismar weiter aus

· Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


brandLOVERS have always had a special relationship with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The ongoing partnership with Animationsfabrik Warnemünde or their work for the TVMV (Tourismus Verband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) are good examples for this. Now we are intensifying our cooperation with the coastal cities of Rostock and Wismar and expanding our office in Wismar. In this way, we maintain the tradition of the Hanseatic League.

Edler Geist: brandLOVERS vertreiben eigenen Gin

· Deutschland

Noble spirit: brandLOVERS distribute their own gin

What do you prefer? The sweet touch or the invigorating freshness? Now, brand LOVERS not only sell great ideas, but also great gin. The two varieties BJÖRN'S GIN "Berlin – Juniper" and BJÖRN'S GIN "Hamburg – Ginger Quince" come from one of the most fertile regions of Germany and contain the flair of the big cities. This combiation already enthralled the guests at our anniversary celebration. Now it is available for anybody with a good taste. The noble spirit can be found at www.bjoerns-gin.de

brandLOVERS und brandBANDITS sind Effie-Finalisten 2019

· Deutschland

brandLOVERS and brandBANDITS Are Finalists in the Effie Awards

We are nominated! Our campaign for eyewear retailer Edel-Optics featuring soccer star Jérôme Boateng has made the shortlist of the prestigious GWA Effie Award. We are pleased that our work belongs to the most efficient advertising campaigns in Germany. Let’s cross fingers for the finals: Go for Gold!

· Vienna

First brandESTATE project in Vienna

Real estate communication with typical Vienna “Schmäh”: brandESTATE have now entered the Austrian market and have developed communication for their first real estate project in Vienna – LEO am Park. The first step was naming and logo design, then development of the presales and sales website followed. The final step consisted of the creation of the exposé, visuals, ads and bus advertising.

· Hamburg

Viral-Campaign for „Haymat – Türkisch-deutsche Ansichten“

How does it feel for the members of the Turkish-German community to live between two cultures? Focusing on this question authors Kristina Kara and Firat Kara portray 30 people from politics, science, sports and culture in their book "Haymat – Türkisch-deutsche Ansichten“ (Suhrkamp). We support this unique project with a viral campaign via Facebook and Instagram. As part of this we called upon users to share their values, experiences and thoughts under the hashtag #MyHaymat.

· Hamburg

10 Years of S1 to the Airport: brandLOVERS Design Jubilee Train

Have you seen it already? The metro Hamburg celebrates ten years of its line 1 to the airport with an eye-catching jubilee train. The three colorful wagons were designed by brandLOVERS. They show illustrations of famous buildings, natural landmarks or personalities – all along the route. This emphasizes the importance of the connection for the whole city. Social media is also part of the campaign. The S-Bahn is now on route on the S1 line. Isn’t that a good reason to go for a colorful ride?

· Ahrensburg

brandLOVERS work on their first project for Grossmann & Berger

30 condos and two townhouses in Ahrensburg: With its 4,000 m2 the real estate ensemble Leveland is the perfect setting for couples and families to enjoy life. At the same time, Leveland is the first project that brandLOVERS work on for their new customer Grossmann & Berger. Naming, logo development, billboard at the construction site and exposé make for a well-rounded package which the customer will enjoy. One can really look forward to the next project.  www.leveland.de

· Hamburg

Fitness Program for the Communication of Vitamed

Health through fitness: This is the motto at fitness club Vitamed. Now brandLOVERS are in charge of assuring that also Vitamed’s communication is strong and healthy. Therefore, all of Vitamed’s communication materials undergo a power program to get them  in top shape – even for international use. That’s how fitness is fun!

· Schwerin

Weitblick offers a great view into the future

What a location! Weitblick is a new construction located directly on Lake Schwerin. The communication for the ensemble is developed by brandLOVERS. Name and logo development, construction site billboard, website, exposé – the entire range of real estate communication is used. And this means bright prospects, both for the client BPD Immobilienentwicklung and the future residents.

· Hamburg

Hamburg Towers with first league communication

Ready for the new season? brandLOVERS as lead agency have developed the new campaign for the basketball team of Hamburg Towers. The eye-catching designs put the players in the spotlight, the headlines express strength and self-confidence. Also, the merchandise is getting a complete redesign. Thus, the ProA team is ready for the first league. At least when it comes to communication. Everything else will be decided on the court. Go Towers, go!

· Hamburg

Two times new customer business

Two are better than one: brandLOVERS’ social media team is looking forward to working with two new clients. VON JÄRTEN & CIE not only has a lot of experience in the Hamburg real estate market, but also brings along their partner company NEUBAUTEAM. The latter specializes in project development and new construction projects. brandLOVERS are now responsible for the social media presence of the two companies. Welcome.

Well-sounding communication for real estate project Adagio

Not far from the Elbe river and lively Hamburg-Ottensen, one of cds Wohnbau's latest projects is in the making. A high quality and ecologically sustainable residential ensemble in privileged location. Sounds good? The brandLOVERS thought so and provided the project with a well-sounding name – Adagio. The related brand communication uses the full range of measures. As a prelude there is the logo design. The signboard at the construction site and the website will be music to many ears. Finally, the sales exposé hits the right note. All in all a virtuoso performance!

· Hamburg

Bramfeld's first pedestrian mall is staged by brandLOVERS

The very first pedestrian mall in Bramfeld sees the light of day. And brandLOVERS are responsible for its complete communication. Housing, shopping on the village square and the new medical center were staged in a target group-oriented manner. In a first step a concise brand name had to be found – BraDo. This was followed by logo design, website development and exposé, as well as further communication measures such as construction site fences or mega-banners. A perfect foundation for the success of this project!

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS provide Jenny Süd with a place in the sun

"Living where the sun is at home" – this is the motto of "Jenny Süd", a new real estate project by cds Wohnbau in Hamburg-Jenfeld. With some perfectly coordinated measures brandLOVERS put the ensemble in the sun, even communication-wise. Jenny Süd was brought to life as a young, sympathetic woman. In the exposé and on the website she leads us through her life and thus becomes a brand face with a high recognition value. Well done, Jenny!

· New York

Brandlovers and Immutep bring hope to Times Square

Start spreading the news: brandLOVERS once again developed a brand movie for the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony at the Times Square. The film presents biotech company Immutep and their groundbreaking cancer immunotherapy under the slogan "Bringing new hope to patients". Another big step Immutep is taking to the international markets – accompanied by brandLOVERS.

· Hamburg

New Communication for Slam Records

Anyone looking for good music in Hamburg will find it at Slam Records. Here you can feel the authentic love of the vinyl or the CD. This is reflected in the brand’s communication strategy newly developed by brandLOVERS. The chic retro design increases awareness and strengthens the brand. And there is yet a small side effect: The cloth bags with their eye-catching logos indicate music listeners with good taste even from afar.


· Hamburg

Two-Sided Real Estate Communication

Green and yet centrally located. Quiet and yet in the middle of the action. How do you get to the heart of a real estate project that combines seeming opposites? With 2inEims brandLOVERS developed a communication concept that combines both aspects of the project in an innovative way. The naming was the basis for a comprehensive, target group-specific package of measures - i.a. with logo design, website and a turnable brochure.

· Norderstedt

brandLOVERS develop communication as clear as glass

Time to broaden your horizons. After all, there is excellent living even behind the Hamburg city limits. This message was the focus of the brand communication for the real estate project Glas.Klar. (clear as glass) in Norderstedt. For this purpose, brandLOVERS provided a full package of communication activities, from logo design and name development to the design of the sales exposé and the website.

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS present Sylvie Meis as a heroine

There is no him in hero: Famous TV hostess Sylvie Meis presents her new sunglasses collection at Edel-Optics using this campaign slogan developed by brandLOVERS. The corresponding communication concept shows her as a self-confident, modern woman with many facets to her personality. The campaign interlinks classic channels with online media. By combining the star factor of Sylvie Meis with the target group relevance of micro-influencers, a powerful communication mix is created.

· Hamburg

Grossmann & Berger trusts in the work of brandLOVERS

When it comes to commercial and residential real estate in Hamburg, Grossmann & Berger is one of the big players. Now they have engaged brandLOVERS to develop communication for one of their current projects. This way, the well-founded know-how of brandLOVERS in the field of real estate marketing pairs with high-class real estate projects. A perfect mix!

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS fit for fitness & friends

Friends meet Lovers: The third largest sports club in Hamburg, fitness & friends hires a new agency.

From now on, brandLOVERS will take care of getting the communication of the company in shape. Due to their special competence in sports and their strength in brand management, brandLOVERS were able to prevail over two of their competitors. Among other things they were able to convince their new client through their experience as lead agency for the professional basketball team Hamburg Towers.

· Sydney / Paris / Berlin

A fresh look for Immutep

New name, new design: The Australian biotech company Prima BioMed now operates under the name of Immutep. The strategic reorientation leads to the development of a new corporate design. This will be executed by brandLOVERS, who have been working for the company for many years. Actions include the design of a new logo as well as the conception and implementation of a new website.

· Hamburg

Elbdiakonie gets a new logo

Care, advice & help: The motto of the Elbdiakonie speaks for itself. A concise and attention-grabbing logo, though, was still missing. This was a task made for brandLOVERS. The fresh blue that was developed for the logo is now also found in many other design elements – for example on the website.

Michelin-Starred Chef Frank Rosin Is new Testimonial for Zayiko

A famous chef meets micro-influencers: The brandLOVERS stage starred chef Frank Rosin as hero of an integrated campaign supporting online shop Oleio’s knife series Zayiko. The campaign includes strategic brand development from naming to logo, product and packaging design through to classic communication tools such as literature and advertisement. Also, in collaboration with social media experts brandBANDITS, a complex social media campaign is being developed, which will enable a tailor-made target group approach with the help of micro-influencers.

· Hamburg

A strong alliance against sugar: brandLOVERS welcomes Diabeteszentrum Barmbek.

We are delighted to work with diabetes center Barmbek in the future. The new customer has entrusted the agency brandLOVERS with the creative execution of a poster campaign on the topic diabetes. The communicative goal is to motivate people to have their diabetes risk tested preventively or to clear up uncertainties and questions about the disease directly in the center. Looking forward to a good cooperation!

· Sydney

Up on top Down Under: brandLOVERS open up Sydney-office

There are no borders to brandlove. Much less to brandLOVERS who have always acted on a global scale. In February 2017 brandCARE, a new branch of brandLOVERS, will open office in Sydney. Located on Spring Street, right in the centre of Sydney’s Central Business District, brandCARE will be near to the many Australian clients of the group. This will help brandLOVERS focus even more on their mission of paving the way for Australian companies to the European markets.

· Munich

Signature Eyewear by Jerome Boateng

On behalf of online store Edel-Optics, brandLOVERS created a top-notch campaign for an exclusive eyeglasses collection, designed by soccer world champion and style-icon Jerome Boateng. The collection surprises with a fresh design and modern elegance, its motto "Defend Your Style" represents the individual, uncompromising cosmopolitan. The premium designer eyewear will be available from May 2016, both online and in the Hamburg flagshipstore.


· Hamburg-Eppendorf

LEOS-Eppendorf- Location. Location. Location.

brandLOVERS’ unit brandESTATE markets urban flair directly in Hamburg-Eppendorf. 66 modern condominiums, all united in one structure-ensemble, have been strategically, creatively and passion-loaded designed. Start of construction works will be this fall. Almost half of the apartments are already reserved. 


· London

brand lovers and JCM play with the greats

“Totally gaming” at this year’s ICE Games in London: The world's biggest trade fair for gaming featured brand lovers demonstrating their skills for client JCM and developing a booth that was both, modern and eye-catching. The result: Top scores for a great cooperation.

· Germany/Turkey

Social Media Recruitment for SunExpress

What's the best way to take off? A social media campaign that brings new employees to our client SunExpress. Over job offers that are authentic and find their candidates via Facebook, Instagram & Co. And not to be sought by online research. An innovative idea which hits the bull´s eye thanks to target leading SEO marketing.

· Japan/Europe/USA

JCM Global is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee

Congratulations! JCM, the leading global provider of automated transaction solutions, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. At brandLOVERS, we are proud to have stood beside the company since our inception, with plenty of brand love to spread around. Because achieving success is never automatic, even at JCM. Let us toast: to another 60 years!

· Hamburg/Gütersloh

BKK - Excellence in both performance and loyalty

Now this is a reason to celebrate: We’ve been collaborating with Bertelsmann BKK for 5 years now!  Our long-term partnership has proven to be as healthy as it is successful. 93% customer satisfaction in 2015 – this figure speaks for itself.

· Hamburg, the most beautiful of cities

brandLOVERS establish themselves as real estate experts

An increasing number of real estate companies have chosen to rely on the outstanding expertise offered by brandLOVERS, benefiting from targeted, strategic, and well thought-out marketing. The results can be seen in many of the prestigious projects dotted around the whole of Hamburg, including upTOWNHOUSES (wph/Icon), Ufer 21 (BPD/Thomas Klinke), Neutona (Planpark/Sparda Immobilien), the VIEW (IMVest/Icon), the IsePerlen (Gg Bergstrasse/Marklerei/BKT) and HEOS (Otto Wulff /Strabag).


· Hamburg-Bergedorf

bLs are off in search of new shores

Ufer21 (Shore21) is brandLOVER's chosen name for the new residential development project by BPD Immobilienentwicklung (Property Development) GmbH. 83 privately owned residences and 70 rentable apartments, perfectly located right up against the Schleusengraben waterways in Hamburg-Bergedorf. This amazing accomplishment was hard-earned by the agency with a lot of sympathy, plenty of experience and heaps of special expertise in matters of real estate. This expertise is now in service of the Ufer21 project, as brandLOVERS have taken on sole responsibility for the project's branding and brand communications.

· Brisbane

LWP presents: a new design for new energy

The Australian company LWP specialising in oil and gas technology is shining brighter than ever. The publicly-traded company has recently begun tapping a brand new source of energy: its newly developed logo, and fresh corporate redesign. brandLOVERS are proud to have been behind this new momentum, and we are ecstatic at the opportunity of doing business with a new customer from way Down Under. The word must clearly get around when it comes to quality work: even to the ends of the earth!

· Hamburg/Caspian Sea

The Caviar King bestows his favour upon brandLOVERS

The "Caviar King" brings CASPIAN CAVIAR back to its traditional business premises in Hamburg This is where celebrity names from business, politics and the cultural scenes stocked up on caviar, even in the distant past. After battling through an intense and gruelling selection process, brandLOVERS ultimately prevailed as the most convincing candidate. brandLOVERS will be responsible for the upcoming relaunch of the brand, helping to develop and construct the future brand communication for CASPIAN CAVIAR.

· North/West/Middle/East Germany

A break for 'Stork – Hotels & Spas'

We have prescribed a strategic marketing and branding break for the four thermal pools and two hotel complexes belonging to one of our newest customers, 'Stork-Hotels&Thermen'. The new slogan "Meine Auszeit für mich" (My break from everyday life) will now unite all of these facilities with one common theme. With shootings in each of the locations, we will be heralding the start of a major brand relaunch in November. We are proud to be working with one of Germany's most successful family-owned companies.

· Hamburg/Northern Germany

SPARDA IMMOBILIEN are building on brandLOVERS

Supporting roles suit us well: we would like to welcome SPARDA IMMOBILIEN as one of our newest customers. Their company is currently preparing a new, large-scale construction project in Hamburg, and we at brandLOVERS are going to take the reins for communications. Already working with wph, ImVest, Icon and Otto Wulff we are delighted to be able to provide support to yet another big player of the North Germany real estate industry.

· Frankfurt/Leipzig/Paderborn/Scharbeutz

Midnight magic in the sauna

Bringing even more wellness into the New Year: in 2015, you can once again enjoy midnight saunas in locations across the whole of Germany. The spas of Ostsee Therme, Sachsen Therme, Westfalen Therme and the  Rhein-Main-Therme are putting on a tour-de-force with over 20 creatively themed nights, such as the Hocus Pocus sauna night with magically themed moments, or the Comic sauna where you can steam together with Asterix and Obelix. We are pleased to have the opportunity to once again host Stork UG's country-wide midnight sauna campaign this year.

· North Pole/Hamburg/Ottensen

brandLOVERS opens doors.

This successful and eventful year is now drawing to a close. We wish to thank all of our customers, employees and partners for many intensive and productive partnerships, and we look forward to tackling new projects and challenges in 2015. Until then, we wish you all Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

· Hamburg/St. Pauli/Harvestehude

“Heimathafen” is the new name for “Intervall”

New name, proven concept: Hamburg-based nursing-service “Intervall” has dropped anchor. The new company name "heimathafen" (safe haven) developed by brandLOVERS will strengthen the brand identity of the company, ushering in a new era of business. The company's goal, which is to offer a safe haven to customers through "home care", is now stated directly in the company's new name. The rollout of the naming campaign will be supported by a new corporate design, and an advertising campaign with a Hanseatic slant.

· Elbe/Alster/Hamburg

Creative brand strengthening for real estate clients

Property value is no longer just about location and facilities – it's the kind of lifestyle supported by a given property that is at the root of speedy sales. The creative sales strategy "theVIEW" developed by brandLOVERS is an example of successful brand communication within the housing market. Endowing the square meterage with an underlying idea will prove worthwhile for both contractors and consultants. The buyers in turn benefit from the status and the statement made by their property.

· Hamburg/Sydney/Tokio/Istanbul

Brand development made for Germany

International companies that want to make their mark on the German market need the right partner. Since 2006, brandLOVERS has been successfully helping international corporations to launch in Germany. After Prima BioMed (phamaceutical), SunExpress (airlines) and JCM (cash machines), the Australian companies Rhinomed and OncoSil (both phamaceutical) have now set out to conquer one of Europe's largest markets in partnership with brandLOVERS.

· Hamburg

New façades for project developers

The most beautiful city in the world is about to become even more beautiful! Hamburg-based project developer wph is creating attractive and innovative living spaces. brandLOVERS are now in charge of their brand identity: corporate design, image portfolios, responsive design websites, construction fencing banner campaigns and displays that radiate clear, modern, Hanseatic freshness. Ensuring that Hamburg remains a pearl for years to come: www.wph-immo.de

· Sydney/New York/Berlin

Strategic relaunch for a global market leader

The publicly traded Australian biotech company Prima BioMed is getting a new website. The leading developer of immunotherapy treatments for cancer is strengthening its brand presence with a design developed by us. Once again, we feel that we have done our name justice – brandLOVERS – a testament to our passion and love for brands: www.primabiomed.com.au

· Hamburg/Berlin/Munich

The construction industry is building on brandLOVERS

Real estate and landscape design are the hallmarks of our cities. Many real estate companies (Engel&Völkers, WPH, Otto Wulff, Stock RE...) trust our branding architects. After all, the difficult challenges of the industry require special intuition and regional expertise. Experience and expertise are the key therefor. An increasing number of real estate companies benefit from them, not only in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

· Hamburg

Campaign for the NEUER WALL: Hamburg's Prime Adress

The Neuer Wall is a must for any shopping trip in the Hamburg area. These 1200m harbour the store-fronts of the most exclusive brands. brandLOVERS developed the slogan "HAMBURG'S PRIME ADRESS" and an integrated campaign advertising the most high-end shopping avenue in Hamburg together with its specially developed app.

· Hamburg

Bronze medal for UNILEVER, brandLOVERS and THOMAS MÜLLER

Human Resource Marketing requires special knowledge and understanding of the target group. As  brandLOVERS demonstrated for brand UNILEVER Corporate Communications. Together they won the 3rd prize at "JOIN THE BEST". Here best companies are vying for the best young talent. The creative presentation by brand lovers convinced the jury, not least thanks to Thomas Müller.

· Hamburg

St. Pauli Church is ready for the Kirchentag

In an extraordinary campaign, the church of St. Pauli is preparing for the Protestant day of the Kirchentag: both of the pastors, Sieghard Wilm and Martin Paulekun are spraying red arrows all over the city district, guiding people towards their church. This innovative path-finding system was developed by brandLOVERS. All set for Kirchentag!

· Hamburg

High turnout at the IBA opening ceremony

The BIQ, also known as “algae house”, and the hybrid-house Hamburg are two of the most innovative projects at this year's International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. brandLOVERS helped make the IBA opening ceremony a massive success. In addition to these two unique buildings, 3D art, sustainable giveaways, seaweed drinks and the charming hostesses generated a massively positive buzz for the event.

· Hamburg/Sydney/New York

brandLOVERS are now Lead-Agency for three international healthcare brands!

Pharma marketers must engage customers in more meaningful ways. By taking a new spin on traditional marketing methods and venturing into the promising digital media space, they can achieve a stronger impact on the audience and the bottom line.

brandLOVERS specialise in marketing for healthcare and pharmaceuticals and therefore can provide the right kind of solutions for this line of business.

· Hamburg/Gütersloh

New website for Bertelsmann BKK

brandLOVERS have been working with Bertelsmann BKK for years now. Our successful and effective brand management encompasses all media and all channels. The new website is a small yet very important part of the wider communication strategy. www.bertelsmann-bkk.de

· Hamburg/Washington

Our candidate for the Presidency

Danny Bar is the expert when it comes to matters of health. As our candidate, Danny stands for image-based brand management in the healthcare market. Danny knows how to pack health sector products with imagery and lifestyle, while respecting the codes and regulations of the healthcare industry. Cool, trendy and hip are Danny's promising ideas for the future of our business. Find out more for yourself, and support Danny's election campaign.

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS eagerly await the IBA 2013

The IBA 2013, the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg will showcase "designs for the metropolis of the future". brandLOVERS are delighted in the confidence vested in us by Otto Wulff (Bauunternehmung GmbH) and by wph (Wohnbau and Projektentwicklung Hamburg GmbH), and we are currently working on developing the right line of communication for projects such as the Hybrid-House-Hamburg >>

· Hamburg

brandLOVERS are off to University

Hamburg is our home. We are therefore proud to announce that we have now been entrusted with the care of one of Hamburg's Universities, the TUHH – joining the ranks of the St. Pauli church, multiple Hamburg sports federations and many Hamburg-based companies. The presentation designed by brandLOVERS was the TUHH's submission for the nationwide competition "EXIST-Gründungskultur – Die Gründerhochschule" (EXIST-Start-up Culture – The School of Entrepreneurship). The newly developed "TUHH Startup Dock" by Prof. Dr. Christoph Ihl now actively supports young entrepreneurs in Hamburg. We wish everybody the best of luck with this project.

· Hamburg

Novelty – Thesis on the topic of Viral Marketing

Astrid, our in-house graduate student, scored top marks in her thesis. Her professor awarded her the grade of 1.0 for the thesis that she developed while working with brandBANDITS. Congratulations to Astrid, and to our partners, brandBANDITS. This academically grounded work highlights our expertise in social media marketing. Read about how brand messages may be spread virally in her unique, in-depth paper. If you wish, you can request a full copy of the paper from us.

· New York

The Big Apple likes brandLOVERS

Facebook don't have the monopoly on the seven-story NASDAQ Tower on Times Square. Currently, a film made by brandLOVERS is adorning its impressive façade. brandLOVERS assisted Prima BioMed, the shooting star of cancer research companies, in preparing for the Opening Ceremony. The opening was a massive hit!

The film was broadcast to over 25 different countries, using the services of Brodcast.

· Frankfurt/Stuttgart

A peck on the cheek for new SunExpress employees

Where on earth might you find the highest concentration of potential flight attendants speaking both German and Turkish? Easy! At a Tarkan concert. So we sent a promotional team on tour on behalf of the SunExpress holiday airline, which specialises in flights to Turkey. All looking smart in perfect uniform, of course. The results: a massive number of new contacts. Kiss-kiss on the cheek, thank you, and goodbye!

· Germany/Denmark

brandLOVERS and Hannelore Elsner issue an appeal for hearing tests.

For the third year running, brandLOVERS are prompting people to prick up their ears in collaboration with LomaLinda. The agency partners have been organising Oticon's European campaign with the usual creativity. Following up from last year's WOW effect, this year's campaign features Hannelore Elsner's personal testimonial as the centrepiece. The project slogan: "Hören wie damals. Mit Technologie von heute." (Hearing like yesterday. With the technology of today.) This technology is naturally provided by Oticon.

· Deutschland

brandLOVERS design the perfect wardrobe for s.Oliver

The renowned fashion label s.Oliver is now relying on brandLOVERS' expertise. In support of s.Oliver's autumn SELECTION MEN collection, we launched a large-scale mailing campaign. The design shows the perfect wardrobe for a man of the world. This is where style meets creativity. The result: success across the board.